Lift Max Thailand
Lift Max Thailand
Lift Max Thailand
Lift Max Thailand

P30C, P50C

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Capacity : 3.0 , 5.0 Ton
Power Unit : Battery
Operation : Stand on


Type of trucks Pallet Stackers
Capacity P30C - 3.0 Ton
P50C - 5.0 Ton
Power Unit Battery
Operation Stand on
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P30C, P50C

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  • P30C, P50C



The design of the tractors ensure that the operator remains well within the truck contours while driving. The ergonomic twin grip steering control incorporates a wrap-around hand guard and the front steel bumper ensure excellent safety for both operator and machine.


The P 30 C & P 50 C are compact tow tractors particularly suited to towing applications in narrow aisles. Due to their compact nature the operator has direct access to the towing attachment located at the rear. They share common components and are both powered by a 3 kW AC motor. The P 30 C and P 50 C can tow 3,000 kg and 5,000 kg respectively.


The unique design of the operator’s compartment offers a high level of comfort. In addition to an adjustable scoop seat and console/steering control, these tow tractors provide a unique suspended and damped “U” shape platform. This links the 3 main point of contact between operator and machine: scoop seat, platform and console and provides a superior driving experience over long travel distances or uneven floors.


The robustness of the steering control, the strong towing mounting and the high quality steel chassis ensure reliable operation over long periods of time. Highly durable electronic components also contribute to increased truck life. Extensive testing in the heaviest applications confirm the tractors’ reliability.



Efficient in operation and highly cost effective. CAN bus connections enable all truck data to be accessed for service inspection. Service intervals of 1,000 operating hours ensure high uptime. Easy accessibility to all components and the use of maintenance free AC motors contribute to fast service times.