Lift Max Thailand
Lift Max Thailand
Lift Max Thailand
Lift Max Thailand


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Capacity : 1.4,1.6,2.0 Ton
Power Unit : Battery
Operation : Seat


Type of trucks Pallet Stackers
Capacity R14S - 1.4 Ton
R16S - 1.6 Ton
R20S - 2.0 Ton
Power Unit Battery
Operation Seat
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  • R14S,R16S,R20S



With four independent braking systems, fail-to-safe dual circuitry and an impressive range of operator protection features, a safe and efficient working environment is assured.


Powerful AC traction and lift motors combined with the nenowned Linde intelligent controller to deliver seamless, energy efficient performance for optimum productivity. Fixed clear view triplex masts with integrated sideshift as standard ensure smooth, highly efficient storage and retrieval cycles.


A world first sees the operator's work station resiliently mounted to the base chassis isolating the operator from shocks and vibrations. An ergonomic, fully adjustable air suspension seat and integral control console housing the fingertip joystick hydraulic levers together with a compact steering wheel givies unsurpassed levels of operator comfort. The unique Linde rheological electric steering system enables effortless operation and assured manoeuvring and travelling. In this superb, stress-free working environment, the operator is motivated and can fully focus on the task.


Durability and reliability are key elements in delivering cost effective supply chain solutions. Linde reach trucks benefit from the experience of over 50 years working in heavy industrial and commercial applications. All key components are designed and manufactured in-house to achieve these objectives. High residual capacities also result from this knowledge.


The outstanding Linde Performance range of reach trucks is designed to provide consistently high productivity by ensuring the optimum intuitive working interface between the operator and the truck. This interface combines with the unique Linde design and performance features to deliver the lowest cost per pallet handled.