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Lift Max Thailand
Lift Max Thailand
Lift Max Thailand

T20SP, T24SP

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Capacity : 2.0,2.4 Ton
Power Unit : Battery
Operation : Stand on


Type of trucks Pallet Trucks
Capacity T20SP - 2.0 Ton
T24SP - 2.4 Ton
Power Unit Battery
Operation Stand on
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T20SP, T24SP

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  • T20SP, T24SP



High performance combined with safety. The wraparound steel chassis keeps the operator safe from impacts while working (SP). A low, steel skirt surrounding the stand-on platform protects the operator's feet and legs. (SP) The operator's body remains safely within the chassis contours at all times while operating the truck (SP).


Highly efficient productivity is the Linde pallet truck’s true strength. Their performance derives from a powerful 3 kW AC maintenance-free drive motor and active stabilizing castor wheels. Rapid acceleration and impressive travel speeds combined with efficient braking in all conditions. This all adds up to outstanding productivity ratios in every type of application.


The ergonomic 45° driving posture of the SP version,enables effortless, stress-free multidirectional working with excellent all-round visibility. A padded backrest and cushioned stand-on platform provide added comfort. A comfortable operator remains motivated and maintains high efficiency levels throughout the working shift.


The highly durable, robot welded construction of the SP and AP ensures consistent reliability and long life in demanding applications. Each heavy cast fork tip can support a load of 2,000 kg without deformation. Smooth entry into bottom boarded pallets is assisted by the ski contours of the underside of the fork tips. The arrow shaped fork tips also facilitate easy entry into every type of pallet and through shrink wrapping for fast, efficient and safe load handling.



Efficiency at work and efficiency in servicing with cost effective maintenace routines. Easy access to all components and maintenance-free technology also play their part. CAN bus connectivity provides a computerised diagnostic system for rapid analysis to ensure maintenance intervals are minimised and uptime is optimised