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Lift Max Thailand
Lift Max Thailand
Lift Max Thailand


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Capacity : 3.0 Ton
Power Unit : Battery
Operation : Pedestrian


Type of trucks T30
Capacity 3.0 Ton
Power Unit Battery
Operation Pedestrian
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The highly functional design of the Linde T 30 electric pedestrian pallet truck is not just appealing to look at it also provides optimum protection for the operator. The low steel chassis surround ensures the wheels always rotate safely within the truck contours. The smooth, rounded profiles of the chassis and tiller head, enhances operator safety and eliminates snagging in confined areas.


With its 3000 kg capacity, the T 30 is ideal for the efficent handling of heavier loads. The advanced Linde drive control technology translates the powerful, high-torque output of the maintenance-free AC traction and lift motors into seamless productivity.


A perfect interface between operator and truck is assured with the pivoting twin-grip tiller arm and the tactile controls, which are ergonomically grouped on the profiled and protected tiller head for simple thumb actuation with either hand.


The Linde T 30 is constructed for consistent reliability and long life. Its compact, robot welded chassis ensures rugged durability. Each cast steel fork tis is able to withstand a 2,000 kg load without deformation. The narrow (165 mm) forks with arrow head profiles and ski shaped undersides, ensure smooth entry into closed base pallets.



Efficiency at work, efficiency in servicing. With up to 1000 operating hours between services, an integrated diagnostic system and easy service access, maintenance intervals are minimal and operating costs are reduced. The T 30 performance parameters can easily be configured to match the requirements of individual applications.